Dancing in the Streets

Last Winter (2011)

“I’m a really great dancer.” Grandpa said, rubbing his nose.  “They have dancing at uhh that place down the road that I like to ride my bike to.”

“Hithergreen?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

“Yep.”  He settled back, adjusting his hat.

“Well let’s go sometime Grandpa!” I smiled.  “I’d like to see these famous moves you’re always talking about.”  I did a few disco finger points and laughed.

“Well…I can do this one.” He was up out his chair, shuffling around in his socks.

I leaned against the counter, laughing.  It looked more like he was forming bumble bee mating patterns on the kitchen floor than dancing a waltz.

“You do a one-two.  A one-two.” He directed me, moving his socks along the floor, one toe peeking through a hole.

I clapped a bit as he did a turn, catching his balance mid-way on the counter.

“And ohhh…what is this one called.” He threw his arms up and took a few deep, long steps with his head thrown back.  The moves of the senior citizen tango.

“The tango.” I laughed.  “There isn’t any music though!  You have to have dramatic music for the tango Grandpa!”

“Not when it’s in here.” He patted his chest where his pace maker was as he lunged off into the laundry room.

Bob would have loved being a part of this: Senior Citizen Flash Mob


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